New Mexico raised!


Her Story!

The Beginning

Taliah was born and raised in Hobbs, NM where she spent her youth singing with her two sisters in a gospel trio formed by her dad.  She began writing at a young age, but did not take notice of her gift until after her middle sister passed away from cancer in 2000.  On sleepless nights, Taliah would read bible scriptures to ease her mind, and the scriptures developed into songs.


While in college, Taliah continued to write songs privately but slowly began to share her songs with others around her. "My older sister, LaTonya, convinced me to let my brother-in-law hear one of the songs I had written," says Taliah. He was impressed with her lyrics and song structure. It was a natural gift!  Taliah began writing a few songs with her gospel-singer brother-in-law, Johnathan Dawson.  After a while, she had an urge to book a studio session for the first time.

Life Happens

While living in Las Vegas, Taliah signed to a local label and began recording the songs that would become the Who I Am album released in 2016.  In 2014, her brother-in-law passed away suddenly which had a great impact on Taliah's music.  She moved to the Dallas, TX area and decided to take a break from music to pursue another goal of achieving her Master of Education.  Now that her degree is complete, she is ready to continue pursuing her one true passion, music! 


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Taliah Areesah Gipson

Dallas, Texas, United States