Who I AM



Born and raised in the enchanted state of New Mexico, Taliah Areesah Gipson is  a singer, songwriter to watch.  She began singing with her two sisters at the age of six years old in a trio formed by her preacher father.  Taliah was always a creative spirit, but after losing a sister to cancer in 2000, writing became an outlet that eventually became a passion. "I'm a writer at heart," Taliah says.  "Writing is my way of expression. Singing is my way of sharing my writing." 

In 2007, Taliah began writing for a few independent artists and later decided to pen her own album.  She was eventually signed to an independent entertainment company in Las Vegas, NV where she resided for 9 years.  Taliah began recording what would become her debut album, Who I Am.  After a difference in vision, Taliah and her entertainment company separated. However, Taliah was determined to complete what she started.  With a new manager, she was able to complete her album, Who I Am.  The album features guitarists Stevie Pannell and Thomas Gooding.  Later on in 2015, Taliah decided to move to Dallas, TX where she could continue working on music while being near family.  In 2016, Who I Am was released on June 21st in honor of her late brother-in-law, Johnathan Dawson who had been a music mentor.  Taliah is on a mission to share her love of music with you.  She is back in the studio recording her upcoming EP.  Taliah Areesah Gipson is on the rise so remember her name or simply call her... TAG!